Ocado delivers on a bid to drive down its tractor fleet emissions and costs with Stralis Natural Power

Ocado delivers on a bid to drive down its tractor fleet emissions and costs with Stralis Natural Power

Ocado, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket continues to grow its CNG-powered tractor fleet, adding a further 20 IVECO Stralis NP 400 and 460-horsepower 4x2s during 2020.

Ocado is continuing to expand its flourishing fleet of Compressed Natural Gas fuelled IVECO Stralis NP (Natural Power) trucks, having just taken delivery of a further 6 CNG Stralis NP 400 (AS440S40T/P NG) 4×2 tractor units, with a further 14 higher-powered CNG-fuelled Stralis AS440S46T/P NG 4x2s due to enter service in September.

This latest batch forms a larger order of 31 new IVECO Stralis, with the remaining 11 being AT440S42T/P 420-horsepower diesels, with the narrower, lower AT cab for use within the M25.

This shift to 460-horsepower 12.9-litre CURSOR 13 allows for IVECO’s in-built fleet telematics compatibility, enabling Ocado to monitor the trucks’ performance and maintenance requirements remotely. A further benefit is that the bigger engine and 12-speed HI-TRONIX automatic transmission will make lighter work of pulling its 5m high double-decker trailers, thus increasing the fuel economy.

By the end of the year, Ocado’s tractor fleet will reach 168 units, over a third of which will be IVECO Stralis running on Compressed Natural Gas, Ocado has already managed to rack up over 11.5 million CNG-fuelled kilometres, and with the government locking gas fuel duty at 50% of diesel until 2032 means that it is already seeing significant financial benefits too.

The trucks are run on a five-year operating lease through Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions and save the business around £7,000 per truck, per annum, offering a two-year payback against an equivalent diesel truck. The Stralis are maintained by a number of IVECO service centres dependent on their home base on 5-year Elements 3XL R&M contracts.

Currently, the majority of the CNG trucks run out of Ocado’s Hatfield CFC (Customer Fulfilment Centre) where last year they partnered with Gasrec becoming the first retailer to self-fund their own CNG refuelling station. This on-site station is linked directly to the grid and will be maintained and supported by Gasrec as part of a 10-year agreement.

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