ACS&T Logistics – A milestone year and looking to the future

For busy frozen food manufacturers and suppliers, managing complex production, product development, and customer requirement can be a full-time job. Let alone considering warehousing and storage and the headache of getting multiple deliveries to each customer at precisely the right time! It is always essential that your product is stored, handled and delivered in perfect condition every time.

At ACS&T, we believe you should not have to worry about your supply chain needs. While we are not manufacturing experts, we know everything about making supply chain and temperature-controlled storage and delivery to customers as seamless and stress-free as an invisible extension to your business. And we have now been doing this for 100 years, so naturally, high service standards are taken for granted. We were one of the first cold store businesses to gain BRC accreditation at all of our locations – and we have retained these continuously ever since. As well, we have additional accreditations to support every stage of operations, including transport and logistics, blast freezing, storing and tempering products to their original quality, and in precisely the quantity required by customers.

You may be asking yourself what makes us different from the new, large automated cold store operators? And the answer is the tailored service and partnership offering in place at ACS&T. Through our operating centres at Grimsby, Wolverhampton, Tewkesbury and Scarborough, we wrap our arms around our customers to provide bespoke solutions – both nationally and locally. ACS&T allows for specialised and various operations within the same building or operating centre, thanks to having thirteen buildings and up to twenty-eight chambers. Our skilled and experienced teams are agile to customer needs and work with the pace and flexibility needed when offering proactive and reactive support for extended contracts or short-term support. These methods enable us to provide complete segregation of plant-based or organic products, for example, whilst still offering space flexibility and operating efficiency of operating within the same building. This approach also allows us to provide added value services such as co-packing or re-packing, all within the confines of these highly flexible and adjustable operating centres.

Just as fundamental, we also offer a fully integrated transport solution with our modern, versatile in-house vehicle fleet. Our current customer portfolio absorbs a highly complicated mix of time-critical factory clearance from production lines, national full load distribution and a full national frozen pallet consolidation network. This consolidation network enables us to give competitive pricing for deliveries from one pallet upwards with all control and integrity associated with full load movements. Running 24 hours, seven days a week, the state-of-the-art fleet uses all the latest technology to give the very best customer service and consistency. Whilst also actively reducing C02 emissions through several ongoing initiatives to reduce vehicles on the road and reduce the vehicles’ impact on the road. These transport services are offered to both warehouse customers and to customers who only require distribution solutions.

Whilst 100 years young, we are proud to continually invest in our people, infrastructure, and technology, with the strength and support of our parent company Camellia plc. We actively pursue a robust environmental, social governance agenda to continually minimize our road and cold store emissions on the climate and our ethical standards, affecting the work environment and people culture to ensure we are always doing the right thing for our colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

One hundred years is quite a milestone; however, we want to build on this and look forward to the future, and therefore we have now implemented our new five-year strategy. This strategy document highlights our business’ focus on growth and expansion by being famous for bespoke solutions, flexibility, innovation, quality, agility, accreditation and naturally excellent customer care. If you are looking for a partner to smooth your supply chain challenges and be part of your journey, then talk to us at

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