Carrefour Launches Further Uses Of Blockchain Technology.

Carrefour Italy has announced plans to begin using blockchain technology to improve traceability in the supply chain.

Building on wider success

Following Carrefour France’s launch of blockchain technology in March 2018, Carrefour Italy has said it will begin using similar solutions from September. The retailer said it would enable shoppers to see the entire supply chain of poultry products from 29 farms, two feed factories and one slaughterhouse.

A step towards total transparency

To access the information, shoppers scan a QR code that takes them to an interface created especially by Carrefour Italia that shows them all the information about where the product has come from. The next product that shoppers will be able to find out more about is its private label citrus fruits. Commenting on the initiative, Carrefour Italia’s director of operations, Stéphane Coum, said: “For Carrefour Italia, the traceability of the supply chain represents in this sense a further assumption of responsibility towards our customers and a new step towards total transparency.”

Carrefour France expands blockchain use

Meanwhile, as part of a separate announcement, Carrefour France said it was extending the use of blockchain technology to its second product: tomatoes. Shoppers will be able to find out about the whole supply chain of the Carrefour Quality Line cored oblong tomatoes. The retailer said the solution was the result of a three year with the Rougeline cooperative, which has seen nine producers grow tomatoes without herbicide. Carrefour has committed to providing complete transparency of supply chains for eight products by the end of 2018.

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