Cartwright Europe Launches New FNA Air Cargo Fridge Trailer In Benelux.

Cartwright Europe has launched a new fridge trailer specifically designed for the air cargo market in continental Europe.

The company’s entry into the FNA Air Cargo Fridge market was unveiled recently at a special open day at Aalsmeer near Amsterdam to major transport operators, suppliers and representatives from a diverse range of sectors including pharmaceutical and engineering.

The launch event was a collaboration with Cartwright’s new partner in the Benelux, Burgers Carrosserie B.V.

Cartwright engineers have been developing the new FNA air cargo fridge trailer over the past nine months with the aim that it will provide an alternative option to the air cargo industry in the Benelux region and across European.

Cartwright has collaborated with Burgers, an established family trailer manufacturer in Holland which delivers custom-made bodywork to many industries and is the largest double-deck trailer supplier in Europe.

Cartwright’s new FNA Air Cargo Fridge has a number of key features including a 15ton kingpin with a high tensile steel chassis neck to allow for a maximum payload.

The Rollerbed has an auto down safety feature for added load security, with flip upload stops. Internal panels are designed and manufactured by Cartwright to achieve an internal width of 2.495m with low thermal conductivity and high insulation. The fridge trailer’s profile roof provides a maximum internal height.

In terms of capacity, the fridge trailer can accommodate 33 Euro pallets or 2 x 3000 mm high and 2 x 2,900 mm high Air Cargo pallets.

The new trailer has been designed so that it can carry various products ranging from pharmaceutical items, general freight and different configuration air cargo pallets.

Jeroen Kusters, Sales Manager of Cartwright Europe B.V. commented: “The recent launch of our FNA Air Cargo Fridge trailer for the European air cargo market was very successful. We have identified that there is a need for a new player in the sector and we believe this new Cartwright fridge trailer can fill this Egap in the market.

“This trailer can carry almost anything and because it is destined to be air cargo it will usually be expensive items or goods needing to be sent to their destination as quickly as possible.

“We already have a demonstration trailer of the new air cargo fridge product which is currently being shown to prospective customers in the Benelux region.

“Our next step this year will be to demonstrate the fridge trailer in Germany where we believe there is great potential for this new trailer,” he added.

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