Conveyor Networks Receives Investment For Future Growth.

Conveyor Networks Ltd, a high tech automation and software specialist, has been awarded £115,000 funding through Innovate UK for a Management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) with Manchester Metropolitan University.

In response to increasing customer demand for more standardised software products, Conveyor Networks plans to use this mKTP to enable streamlined growth. The investment will support the strategic development of its complementary software products portfolio, delivered by sister company imio Software Solutions. With added expertise from the team at Manchester Metropolitan University via the mKTP, Conveyor Networks aims to accelerate integration of the subtly different requirements of a “software as a service” approach, alongside the high tech automation solutions it has been providing for over 10 years.

Introduced last year by the UK government department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through Innovate UK, mKTPs complement the long-running and highly successful KTP programme, which links forward-looking businesses with academic teams in UK universities to deliver innovation projects.

Conveyor Networks Managing Director, David Carroll, added:
“Conveyor Networks is a solution provider. We felt that having some expert knowledge at hand to help with the transition to a more standardised product approach would be of benefit.

“Solutions provided by Conveyor Networks are designed to bring Industry 4.0 technologies to life. They can turn the acquisition of data into useful knowledge. Solutions like scanR and carryR presented through the user friendly dashboard dashR, integrate with legacy management and control systems which, together with API’s to leading carrier platforms. This presents an opportunity for greater visibility and efficiency with fast deployment and quick ROI. With broader exposure to the latest management thinking via this mKTP we will be able to deepen our expertise in delivering these solutions.”

KTP Programme Manager at Innovate UK, Richard Lamb, commented:
“Management KTPs are an exciting new way for businesses to access the expertise within the UK’s business schools and introduce new ways of working. They can help a business explore strategic and structural change and learn how to embed this new knowledge into their business so that they can continue to grow, even after the mKTP project has finished.”

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is a delivery partner for the programme and one of its specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers, Mick Card, helped put the partnership together. He added: “It’s fantastic to see a forward looking, high growth company leverage expertise from an internationally acclaimed business school to accelerate scale-up and impact of complementary business activities.”

Manchester Metropolitan was identified as a leading University which not only provided local expertise but a very relevant track record in successful delivery of KTP projects. Conveyor Networks will benefit from a full time KTP associate and academic support from Profs Paul Smith and Peter Naude along with Dr. Zenon Michaelides.

Manchester Metropolitan University academics will support with identifying relevant frameworks and models to assist in delivering the objectives of the project and adapting those tools and techniques to the specific environment of the business.

Professor Paul Smith said: “Our academic team has strength in the academic domain supporting strategic transformation and market development and depth of industry and consulting experience. We look forward to working closely together with Conveyor Networks on this project and seeing the outputs of this partnership.”

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