Excellent quality management: ECOOLTEC certified according to ISO 9001

ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH has been certified ISO 9001:2015 by the testing organisation Bureau Veritas Germany. Shortly after its foundation, the manufacturer of particularly environmentally friendly transport refrigeration machines thus proves that its quality management system guarantees products and services of consistently high quality and that customer satisfaction is therefore a top priority.

“The fact that ECOOLTEC has already received the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its quality management system so soon after the company was founded is a great team achievement and was only possible thanks to the combined efforts of all employees. We have thus reached another milestone in the company’s development,” says Henning Altebäumer, CEO of ECOOLTEC. “From the very beginning, ECOOLTEC has been focused on the high quality of its products and services. The certificate now confirms that we consistently guarantee this quality.

However, should any deviations occur in series production contrary to expectations, we have the appropriate means to recognise and fix them immediately,” explains Dr Jürgen Süß, CTO of ECOOLTEC.

ECOOLTEC has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for the development, production, sales and service of transport refrigeration machines. This means that customers can be certain that ECOOLTEC’s products and services are of a consistently high quality and that the specialist for transport refrigeration units responds to changing requirements in a customer-orientated, fast and appropriate manner.

Sustainable and efficient: ECOOLTEC TM182 transport refrigeration systems ECOOLTEC is a European manufacturer of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly transport refrigeration machines.

The key features of ECOOLTEC’s technology are the use of natural refrigerants with lowest greenhouse gas potential and the highly efficient, fully electric drive of the transport refrigeration system via a highperformance alternator on the truck engine or a separate power generator. When operated by battery, the machine is even locally emission-free.

The ISO 9001:2015 industry standard requires the establishment of a quality management system, including mechanisms for the identification of risks, selfassessment, prevention, correction and continuous improvement of an organisation’s performance. The audit is carried out according to defined criteria and is voluntary. Independent experts assess the documentation of the processes and their implementation on site.

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