Four Point Distribution

Name: Neil Williams

Title: Managing Director

Company: Four Point Distribution

Question: Hi Neil, what is your role within Four Point Distribution please? 

Answer: Director and Driver.

Question: Please could you tell us a little more about your company.

Answer: Four Point Distribution, was established in 2022 and is growing in stature within the Courier and Logistics industry from our base in Shropshire.

With over 25 years in the Logistics and Security industries, We are well positioned to offer a flexible, professional service to keep your business running smoothly. We understand the care and importance of your products, ensuring your produce arrives on time, at the correct temperature, to your customer.

We support businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a large transport company looking for a strategic courier, or a small food producer looking for cost-effective routes to your customers, we aim to help your business succeed.

Bookings can be organised for your collections and deliveries, as well as a Same-day service for your urgent package or consignment requirements.

Question: How did you get into the temperature-controlled distribution sector?

Answer:  I have worked in the Logistics sector for 30 years starting with parcel delivery driver through to LGV driver (mostly temperature controlled). I took a few years out of the Logistics industry when I was given the opportunity to work abroad. On my return to the UK, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and so I sat my Driver CPC, went back on trucks part time to see if I liked it. During this time, I realised that I wanted to create something myself within the Logistics industry where I could provide my own services, at my standards, to the sector. I found that there were companies who struggled to move small loads in the UK. This was my chance to do something with my own vehicle. I followed up on these opportunities in 2022, purchased a standard panel van, had it converted to a refrigerated van at Coolkit, and went for it. So far so good, my clients are happy with what I do, and I love it!

Question: Can you firstly tell us what temperature-controlled vehicles that Four Point Distribution operates?

Answer:  I run a Ford Transit van, 3m load bay with 1000kgs load capacity. It has a GAH One Call fridge unit that has a range of +25 to -20 degrees. It provides me with all the data of the day, journeys and routes travelled.

Question: What has been the most important technical development in your temperature-controlled bodies and refrigeration systems in recent years and how has it impacted on your operations within Four Point Distribution?

Answer: Data reporting is the big one for me as the systems have improved so much in the past few years that now give much more detailed data when the fridge unit is working. This gives peace of mind for me, my clients and their customers. The fridge units have improved vastly as well so that they maintain temperatures much better than before, save on consumption and runs smoother and quieter.

Question: Are you using telematics across your fleet currently? If so, what advantages do you see this gives your clients?

Answer:  Yes. The advantage of this is to have data readily available for clients should they want it. Delivery Times (In and Out), routes taken, speed, breaking, and temperatures, (set temps and actual recorded temps). All of this gives my customers the peace of mind that I am doing what is required and taking good care of their products. I download the data on a daily basis and store on my own IT system for reference and compliance reasons.

Question: Customer needs are constantly changing, so what are you finding is now the biggest request from your customers?

Answer: Price is the important one given the current economic situation! Otherwise, there are more urgent / emergency requests for products to be delivered to customers these days due to increased production or sourcing of products at short notice.

Question: What environmental measures does Four Point Distribution incorporate to ensure best practice?

Answer: The van has a Euro 6 engine so Adblue is the biggest one for me to reduce emissions. Steady driving also reduces emissions, reduces fuel consumption, and protects the load carried. Waste is always disposed of in the correct way at designated sites to help with recycling. Regular cleaning of the van and disinfecting the load bay and equipment, prevents any potential threat of contamination to any goods or products. All of these are a part of the Four Point Environmental and Sustainability policy. There is also the potential in the future to move over to alternative fuel and engine types to help with environmental factors. I am also looking at the potential to reduce paper usage by moving to an electronic POD system in the future.

Question: If you could give one piece of advice to a newcomer to our industry, what would it be? 

Answer: Logistics / Courier work can be very demanding and hard work. Don’t try to rule the world from day 1, don’t make promises that are out of your capabilities, take it step by step, and enjoy what you do.

Question: Lastly, would you like to share any news about your company that you feel would benefit the TCS&D readers?

Answer:  I operate as an owner driver where I make every effort to maintain high standards for my clients, their customers, and any Third-Party work that is undertaken. All detail and regular updates i.e POD’s, timings, ETA’s, and if there are any delays, are well communicated to the relevant parties to ensure smooth operation from start to finish. I am a member of Logistics UK, and last year, Four Point gained ISO9001 certification which I am very proud of and will continue to maintain Policy, procedure, and operating standards to ensure that this standard is kept by Four Point Distribution. I also operate with other temperature controlled, independent / owner drivers across the UK, where I have developed some good relations with colleagues who have good morals and service levels. This could be something that can be developed further into the future to benefit existing and potentially, new clients.

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