Frigoblock introduces the FK2 Refrigeration Unit for electric transport cooling and sustainable deliveries

Frigoblock, one of the leading manufacturers of transport refrigeration units in Europe and brand of Thermo King®, introduced today the FK2, its new all-electric refrigeration unit. The design of the Frigoblock FK2 unit combines sustainability, reliability, and intelligent operation to empower the next generation of urban cold chains.

“With the new FK2 unit, we are not just delivering 100% electric cooling technology,” said Eric Breddels, product management leader at Frigoblock. “Our ambition from the start was to extend this capability and optimise operations based on data insights. The new design of the unit leverages connectivity, operational insights and efficiencies needed to truly drive clean, low emission distribution practices in cities today, and in the future.”

Compared to diesel-powered units, the FK2 generates less noise and up to 50% emissions reduction depending on customer operation. When connected to a battery-powered electric vehicle, the FK2 creates a zero-emission transport refrigeration solution. These capabilities have become increasingly critical for customers to demonstrate their compliance with the growing range of sustainable legislation governing urban operations.

The FK2’s is electrically powered featuring Frigoblock’s proven alternator technology. The high-efficiency Frigoblock power drive alternator is designed to maximise the energy generated from the truck’s engine, contributing to better fuel efficiency of diesel-powered trucks. For more sustainable transport operations, FK2 units are compatible and can be installed on both hybrid and electric-powered trucks.

Connectivity, performance and reliability

For better uptime, temperature control monitoring and cargo safety, the new FK2 unit can come with integrated telematics and connectivity thanks to the Thermo King BlueBox. This provides the fleet operator with full, 24/7 visibility of the unit’s operation, remote monitoring, and proactive control through the TracKing web portal and the TK Reefer application. Customers can track their unit’s operation at any time, and clearly demonstrate the temperature set points across every journey. The solution also connects the customer with a multi-lingual customer support team and the extensive service network for 24/7 emergency assistance.

The new FK2 leverages the carefully tested, 100% electric Frigoblock architecture which, when compared to more complex diesel-powered units, requires less maintenance and offers increased reliability and uptime.

“The FK2 incorporates 40+ years of design expertise at Frigoblock,” said Eric Breddels. “It’s a tractor-independent technology that offers standout performance and low-noise operation to meet and exceed our customers’ demands for improved sustainability across their inner-city operations. The FK2 will help them to cut emissions of their delivery operations, and to open up a world of fresh opportunities.”

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