Global expansion for Rack Collapse Prevention’s warehouse racking safety system

Expanding into new global markets, Rack Collapse Prevention’s unique racking safety system is installed in warehouses and storage facilities across Britain, Ireland, Europe, and most recently the Western Hemisphere.

Manufactured in the UK, Redditch-based Rack Collapse Prevention’s safety system is exceptionally durable and unlike other racking safety systems supports from the top instead of reinforcing from the bottom and is designed for any facility where pallet racking is used. Wire cables are suspended from the building’s steel structure and attached to each individual rack leg. If the building’s structure isn’t suitable, then a secondary steel structure is installed to form a support structure for the suspension ropes.

In collision events with Rack Collapse Prevention installed racking structures remain stable and significantly standing, protecting staff, stock and removing the potential for significant business disruption.

A trusted safety system offering value-added benefits including enhanced employee safety, reduced business insurance premiums, and suitable for earthquake prone regions, it can be fitted in all environments of ambient, chilled, and frozen.

With any form of pallet racking, and particularly above 6 meters, there is an increased risk of racking failure, which is typically caused by operator error or incorrect pallet stacking. A damaged racking leg, whilst under load, will experience considerable downward pressure, forcing the leg to buckle and lose the structure’s ability to withstand its intended load capacity, causing the rack to collapse, and the potential domino effect on any other racking attached to or in its proximity.

Client acknowledgements include, “We chose to integrate RCP into the design of our new custom-built warehouse as safety of colleagues is paramount. We believe that we should be going beyond mandatory requirements for safety, ensuring that we always prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.” Croda International’s Antony Andrew.

And “Phytone, as an affiliate of DuPont, are committed to ensuring not only legal compliance but best practice in Health and Safety. Racking collapse is a major concern for any warehousing operation, and we decided that the initial outlay for the collapse prevention system was insignificant compared to the potential loss of one of our colleagues.” DuPont’s Gemma Hallifield.

Able to be retrofitted, in a racking incident no load is applied to the building’s structure from the damaged/compromised racking. Where installed the safety system prevents rack destruction even after total loss of rack-leg floor contact, eliminating the potential for product loss due to racking failure and the inevitable monetary impact, and is a proven racking safety system in real world racking impact events.

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