Hultsteins appoint service agents to support sustainable refrigeration in Ireland

Swedish/UK transport refrigeration manufacturer Hultsteins are pleased to announce a new service and support partnership with two well-known refrigeration service providers in Ireland – Mulvey Refrigeration Technology and Fleet Maintenance – who will provide a full after-market service for Hultsteins’ ‘diesel-free’ systems.

Mulvey Technology are based in Co. Dublin and pride themselves on being experts in all aspects of transport refrigeration. The team can install, maintain, repair and service TRUs on vehicles ranging from small vans, right up to 13.6 metre trailers. According to Hultsteins, Mulvey is reactive and reliable, allowing their clients to transport more goods, and for longer.

Meanwhile, up in Co. Armagh, Fleet Maintenance complimented their original workshop business by introducing transport refrigeration services many years ago. This allows the company to offer a one-stop shop for the maintenance of commercial vehicles of all sizes. They strive to provide a tailored solution to meet each client’s individual requirements, while at the same time delivering the best value possible, says Hultsteins.

“Mulvey Refrigeration Technology & Fleet Maintenance Ireland Ltd. are delighted to be representing Hultsteins and Ecogen across the island of Ireland,” say Eoin Mulvey, MD of Mulvey Technology, and Mark McAlinden, MD of Fleet Maintenance. “Hultsteins electric drive and hydraulic technology allows existing fridge trailers to run on electric standby whilst the trailer is on the road. This means reduced fuel consumption and noise. Carbon output is reduced, which contributes to improved air quality” they continue, “and there is also the added advantage of considerable fuel savings. All of this can only be good for our customers and the environment too.”

Hultsteins offer two main innovations, aimed at enabling operators to save both carbon and fuel by providing an alternative to traditional, diesel-powered transport refrigeration units (TRUs): Ecofridge hydraulic and electric single and multi temp units for rigid truck applications and Ecogen hydraulic systems which, powered by the tractor’s PTO, drive any conventional fridge system and cut out the requirement for the diesel engine.

Ecogen generates the 400-volt power needed to run a TRU and is a bolt-on, bolt-off solution with a life expectancy of over 10 years. It comes in two models: the Ecogen Lowline is sited between the axles on rigid-bodied trucks and two-axle tractors, while the Ecogen Slimline fits behind the cab and is ideal for gas-powered and 6×2 tractors where chassis space is at more of a premium.

The company has been in the business since 1958 and its Ecofridge and Ecogen solutions are widely used throughout the Nordic countries and fast becoming popular in the UK.

Graham Usher, who looks after Hultsteins’ sales and marketing in the UK and Ireland says, “In the refrigerated transport sector, perhaps more than any other, professional back up is vital to ensure customers’ goods arrive in perfect condition, every time. This is particularly important for us because our systems are new to Ireland and as such, we are delighted to have the reliable support of these two long-established service providers.”

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