International Intralogistics And Forklift Truck Of The Year: Outstanding For The Second Time: IFOY Award 2019 For The TX3 From UniCarriers.

UniCarriers is again IFOY-winning: The 3-wheel electric counterbalance truck TX3 from UniCarriers has won first place in the Counter Balanced Truck category at this year’s International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award. In extensive practical tests and the strict verdict of the IFOY jury of 27 international trade journalists, the TX3 beat its competition. Last Friday, 26 April, the IFOY Award 2019 was presented at the Vienna Hofburg. This makes the TX3 the second forklift from UniCarriers to receive the prestigious intralogistics award.

Optimised visibility, excellent electric steering and a number of well thought-out details – the conclusions of the IFOY testers predicted what the IFOY expert jury later found. The board of judges, made up of experienced specialist journalists from all over the world, was completely convinced by the TX3 and its ergonomic and safety features. Jonas Tornerefelt, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at UniCarriers Europe, accepted the award: “We are very pleased that our TX3 impressed the IFOY testers and the jury. This proves once again that our focus on ergonomics and safety is convincing in the European industrial truck market”. UniCarriers already won the IFOY Award in 2015 with its TERGO URS swivel reach truck. The hybrid of narrow-aisle and reach truck prevailed in the Warehouse Equipment category.

Ergonomic features and excellent visibility convince the jury

The TX3 range includes counterbalance trucks with a lifting capacity of 1.25 to 2 tonnes and a lifting height of up to 7 metres. In March, the IFOY testers subjected the truck and its competitors to a series of practical tests, evaluating above all how innovative the vehicles were. The ergonomic features of the TX3 were particularly noteworthy, above all the floating armrest with the mini steering wheel for a natural posture. According to the test results, this can have a positive effect on the health of drivers during continuous operation. This reinforces UniCarriers’ long-standing principle that the driver is at the centre of attention.

As far as safety is concerned, the testers emphasised the windows in the front panel, which are unique on the market to date. With them, UniCarriers improves visibility of the fork tips and the front corners of the load for precise and safe handling of goods. The entire design of the chassis and mast is based on UniCarriers’ ProVision concept, which provides a 360° panoramic view when driving. According to the IFOY testers, the TX3 is also comfortable, safe and easy to operate thanks to further details such as the low entry step and the automatic all-electric brake – in short: “very well constructed”, as the test report says. The TX3 has already received the Red Dot Design Award 2018 for its special combination of design and functionality. And with the IFOY Award 2019 it now continues its success story.

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