Jet Environmental Sees Growth With Successful Year Despite Times Of Uncertainty.

Leading temperature control specialists Jet Environmental have revealed an optimistic picture for the future of the business as Britain leaves the European Union, with a 4% increase in revenue during 2019 following double-digit increases in the previous year.

The company, which delivers large and complex temperature and humidity control systems for industries from FMCG to healthcare, has been able to follow up its ‘best ever year’ in 2018 by sustaining its growth in spite of a mixed picture of confidence among its clients.

Concerns had been growing within the business that the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s departure from the European Union could hit orders of new and replacement units, particularly as many of Jet Environmental’s customers operate within industries that stood to suffer from a rocky Brexit. As the uncertainty mounted over when exactly the date of Brexit would fall, whether there would be a deal or not, and even whether Brexit would happen at all, clients became more noticeably retrenched into the ‘wary’ and ‘confident’ camps.

Large investment decisions were put on hold, deal making ground to a halt, and it seemed like the positivity of 2018 would be snuffed out by the lack of clarity. However, the positive growth figures that have since been released prove that the optimistic clients have won the day, and put Jet Environmental on course for further growth in 2020.

Jason Hibbs, Managing Director of Jet Environmental, said:

“We’re delighted to report that our record period of growth has continued into 2019, despite all of the potential roadblocks there have been to gaining new business and retaining older clients, such as the Brexit debate and the US tariff war with China. Thanks to the backing of our loyal clients, we’re confident that we can carry this optimism into a more certain future in 2020 and raise our revenues even further.

“Our clients have been particularly exposed to the Brexit uncertainty: FMCG suppliers didn’t know what tariffs they’d face, healthcare providers didn’t know if there would be drug shortages, retailers didn’t know if they could safely invest in new facilities – but we have emerged from these difficulties in a strong position. That’s all thanks to our great customers, who were able to see through all the ‘will we, won’t we’ confusion and get on with the jobs they do so well.”

Jet Environmental is the UK’s leading supplier of large-scale temperature and humidity control solutions. The business works in buildings with floor spaces ranging from 1,000m² to over 1,000,000m², and with clients from a diverse range of industries, the company manages the process from design to commissioning and then supports each installation with service and maintenance. Jet Environmental’s advanced controls drive energy-efficiency that helps clients be environmentally responsible and meet their low carbon emission targets.

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