Podcast: reduce icing with dehumidifiers

Humidity control specialists, Condair, has released a new podcast that explains how freezer and cold store operators could benefit from using dehumidifiers to combat ice and mist.

Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Condair, explains to Business Net Explorer, “Using dehums in a freezer will prevent mist and reduce ice, both inside the cold store and on the chiller plant itself. By lowering the humidity inside the cold store or in the ante-room, less moisture is available in the air to condense and freeze. Less ice inside the cold store hugely improves safety and productivity, and less frequent defrost cycles reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency.

“Hacking off ice that forms and shutting down chiller plant to defrost is essentially treating the symptoms of high humidity. Dehumidifying to remove the moisture before it freezes treats the cause of the problem.” Dave concludes.

The 10 minute podcast provides an overview of the specialist technology used to dehumidify at such low temperatures, the different strategies for doing so and the energy saving features that can be employed for even faster return on investment. It is available on all major podcast channels, include Soundcloud, Spotify and Google Podcast by searching for “Condair” and also on the Condair website at www.condair.co.uk/podcast.

The Condair Group is the world’s leading specialist in humidity control and evaporative cooling, with energy efficient, hygienic and innovative technologies for commercial, industrial and heritage applications. Condair is represented in the UK by Condair Ltd, which offers system design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares. You can find out more by visiting the company’s website at www.condair.co.uk.


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