Rio Platform – By Everyone And For Everyone: New Partners And Services On-Board.

· New services in the Marketplace: RIO Order, RIO Geo and RIO Perform

· New partner services: MAN ServiceCare and Synfioo Premium ETA

· Study by International Transfer Center for Logistics GmbH and the Technical University of Berlin

RIO keeps growing: Customers can now book the RIO Geo and RIO Order logistics services. The new RIO Perform service provides detailed driver and fleet analyses for all vehicles. RIO’s two new partners are also making daily business easier for users: MAN ServiceCare is a product for proactive maintenance management. Synfioo Premium ETA helps customers calculate their time of arrival with even greater precision. What other advantages do RIO customers have? That is what International Transfer Center for Logistics GmbH and the Technical University of Berlin are currently researching in a joint study.

“We are delivering on our promise for growth. More and more new services and partner services are drawing more users to our platform. I am proud of our growth and agility. A RIO product is never finished – we are continually developing every service. That guarantees our customers are always using state-of-the-art technology”, says Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO. “Our onboarding of Synfioo and the first MAN DigitalServices like MAN ServiceCare show that we are open to working with partners. We want to create a transparent ecosystem for the entire transportation and logistics sector.”

In its Marketplace, RIO offers vehicle-services as well as services for the entire transport and logistics sector. That means customers with mixed fleets, in particular, can book services whatever their vehicle makes.

RIO Perform, RIO Geo and RIO Order: Services with just one click

RIO Perform is now available as an upgrade for the basic RIO Essentials service: The analysis pro RIO Perform provides detailed driver and fleet analyses – for instance, on predictive driving, speed or fuel consumption – as well as easily understandable driver scores and performance data from the last three months. Customers can use RIO Perform free of charge until the end of August.

The RIO Geo service is also an extension of the basic RIO Essentials service, and provides a digital compass for fleets. Customers are provided with a detailed overview of the current location of their vehicles, are aware of the remaining driving times, for example, and can access RIO Essentials data for up to three months – without RIO Geo, the data is available for only 10 days. Like all services, RIO Geo can be added on a daily basis for each vehicle. Since the last update at the end of June, the service has for the first time also been showing users release notes in the fleet monitor. Additionally, in their vehicle’s trip history results window users can view a list of the following events (also available as a CSV download): The first and last position within the selected time period; ignition on and off; change of driver. Soon, among other new features, customers will be able to manually create points of interest (POIs) and use Geofences. Geofences are predefined areas: An action is triggered (for example, a notification is sent) if a vehicle leaves or enters an area defined by the receiver.

With RIO Order, customers can create orders, consolidate them into routes and assign them to drivers. The drivers receive their routes in the RIO Connect app (Google Playstore), where they can also enter the relevant status information at the route and order level. Users can archive completed routes and orders.

RIO Order is also the basis of the Synfioo partner service: Synfioo is an expert in targeted monitoring of transport chains in real time. With the introduction of Synfioo ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), customers can calculate the time of arrival on their routes with even greater precision. Synfioo also makes reliable predictions possible: When will specific checkpoints or the destination of a route be reached? For its calculations, Synfioo uses precise data on traffic congestion, severe weather conditions and waiting times in addition to order, vehicle and driver related data. Live data and forecast data are included in the calculation to provide greater planning assurance and transparency. This upgrade makes it possible to manage orders efficiently and precisely.

Added value in daily business

A study is currently being conducted with selected pilot customers to demonstrate how users benefit from the platform and the various services in detail. “Our customers are generating added value with RIO Services”, explains Martin Anke, VP Sales & Marketing. “That is why it is important for us to know a couple things: Where are our customers already experiencing quantifiable savings and increased efficiency in their logistics processes? In which areas do our customers expect to see the greatest added value in future based on the availability of real-time data and transparency?” ITCL GmbH and the TU Berlin (Institute for Logistics) are conducting the study to provide a scientifically founded and independent survey of the effects of using the platform. RIO will be presenting the first results at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show.

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