Robert Burns Limited

Name: Robert Burns

Title: Managing Director

Company: Robert Burns Limited

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Question: Could you tell the readers a little bit about Robert Burns Limited and what your position int he company is please?

Answer: Yes of course, I’m managing director of Robert Burns Limited. I started as a Sole Trader in September 1985 with one truck. Over the next 6 years I acquired trucks and refrigerated trailers, as and when the demand, for the transport of beef and lamb to Europe increased. Robert Burns Limited was then incorporated in April 1993 and has steadily built up to today’s highly innovated and modern thinking Company, capable of meeting its many Blue Chip Companies requirements in the 21st Century. We are one of the market leaders in Scotland and the business is able to offer temperature controlled transport complimented where required with storage in its frozen coldstore facility.

Question: How did you get into the temperature controlled distribution sector and what is your role within Robert Burns Limited?

Answer: I worked at Interland Transport in Antrim Northern Ireland. I purchased my first tractor unit and sub contracted to them.

Question: Could you tell the readers of TCS&D, what services Robert Burns Limited offer please?

Answer: We offer refrigerated transport and storage.

Question: Can you tell us what temperature controlled vehicles Robert Burns Limited? operate?

Answer: We have 75/ 44 tonne refrigerated trailers/ meat hangers/ twin temperature/ lifting floor double deck trailers.

Question: What has been the most important technical development in your temperature controlled bodies and refrigeration systems in recent years and how has it impacted on your operations within Robert Burns Limited?

Answer: It has to be the multi-temp trailers. This allows us more scope on groupage loads.

Question: Are you using telematics across your fleet currently? If so, what advantages do you see this gives your clients?

Answer: Yes we are. The customer has a view of the telematics if they wish. That allows them to have a better understanding of delivery procedures.

Question: Customer needs are constantly changing, so what are you finding is now the biggest request from your customers?

Answer: The demand for just in time delivery also there customers demanding pick to zero delivery.

Question: What environmental measures does Robert Burns Limited incorporate to ensure best practice?

Answer: All our vehicles are Euro 6. No plans for electric vehicles at this moment in time.

Question: Now that the UK has left the European Union and Brexit has finally happened, have you noticed any changes with your business?

Answer: No substantial change Drivers are in short supply.

Question: The last 18 months has thrown us all a curve ball, how has business been for you since the pandemic started?

Answer: We have been lucky as we have not had many Covid cases This may be because drivers are mostly in their own small bubble.

Question: If you could give one piece of advice to a newcomer to our industry, what would it be?

Answer: Don’t think about this industry unless you are prepared to put your life blood into the business This is not a job or an occupation it is a way of life.

Question: Lastly, would you like to share any news about your company that you feel would benefit the TCS&D readers?

Answer: Were situated in the very centre of Scotland. We have an excellent crossdocking facility for chilled and frozen product. We also have excellent staff that care for the customer.

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