RTITB First To Support Operation-Wide Compliance As New MHE Accreditation Launches.

A new and unique RTITB Accreditation solution launches to improve safety by assessing and accrediting an organisation’s entire MHE operation, not just its Basic operator training. The solution, exclusively for organisations delivering materials handling operator training in-house, is the first of its kind in the transport and logistics industry.

“Our newly updated RTITB Accreditation solution is specifically designed to improve business efficiency through proactive risk reduction, in-house resilience and continued improvement,” says Nick Welch, Technical Director for RTITB, the UK’s leading workplace transport training accrediting body, explaining an annual MHE training and operations compliance HealthCheck is included at no extra charge as part of the new in-house RTITB Accreditation.

During a HealthCheck, qualified auditors and workplace transport specialists will conduct a thorough review of all aspects of the organisation’s MHE training and operations, not just Basic Training, against relevant regulations, such as ACoP L117*, and Health and Safety Executive guidelines. This results in an impartial report revealing potential risks, areas for improvement, good practice highlights, and recommendations on how to take action.

“Having received a thorough audit across the whole spectrum of both MHE operations and training, RTITB Accredited organisations will be able to remove risk from their MHE operations and benefit from complete peace of mind around legal and regulatory compliance in the event of an incident,” says Nick.

Another new addition to RTITB Accreditation for organisations delivering in-house MHE training is the introduction of greater choice regarding how operator certificates can be used.

“To help businesses put safety first while protecting their training investment, Accredited partners now have the choice of whether MHE operator certificates are restricted for use exclusively within their business, or can be ‘transferable’,” says Nick. “Unlimited verification and joint-branded electronic certification for trained operators are also available.”

Another unique benefit of the new RTITB Accreditation solution is that organisations can now receive unlimited licenses for the MyRTITB TrainingFriend app, which makes in-house MHE training administration and assessment 100% paper free. Accreditation can also include licenses for eTruck UK, RTITB’s completely unique e-learning tool which can reduce training time by up to two days. These benefits combine to help organisations reduce both costs, and their carbon footprint.

The RTITB Accreditation option for organisations delivering in-house training also includes annual Instructor CPD days, access to our up-to-date e-library of all the professional training resources needed to deliver high quality, standardised training and a 20% discount on any courses booked at the RTITB Instructor Academy. Becoming an RTITB Accredited Partner costs from £3000 for one year.

“Although several new features have been added following close collaboration with our Accredited Partners, some tried and trusted elements remain. For example, accredited organisations will still receive full technical support and 24/7 online reporting,” says Nick.

“Recent months have been challenging for many businesses within the logistics industry and controlling risk, damage and cost is more crucial than ever,” he continues. “Our new Accreditation service is designed to give these organisations extra support in these areas, while helping to make MHE operations as safe as possible.”

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