Sunswap will fulfil a quarter of Samworth Brothers refrigerated trailer fleet upgrade in 2024

Sunswap is proud to announce a new collaboration with leading UK food manufacturer Samworth Brothers to supply battery and solar-powered transport refrigeration system for their fleet.

Following a successful two-week trial over late March and early April 2023, Samworth Brothers have pressed on with incorporating Sunswap’s Endurance TRUs into their 2024 fleet upgrade. In the trial alone, Sunswap’s zero-emission refrigeration technology removed 600g of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 65kg of tailpipe carbon dioxide (CO2) emission that would otherwise be emitted by a traditional diesel TRU.

Central to the move is Samworth Brothers’ goal to reduce carbon emissions as part of their targets as a responsible business. With trial data calculating a £221 of cost-saving per tonne of carbon dioxide emission reduced, Samworth Brothers saw Sunswap as a cost-effective solution to meet their sustainability objectives, and subsequently committed to incorporating Sunswap technology into one-quarter of their new trailer fleet next year.

The long-term impact is significant: Over a 10-year lifespan, Samworth Brother’s fleet of Sunswap Endurance TRUs is projected to cut 450 tonnes of tailpipe carbon dioxide, and 387 tonnes of overall (scope 3) emission. In terms of nitrogen oxides, the fleet saves 4.4 tonnes of emission compared to Samworth Brothers’ current diesel fleet over the same period.

 Samworth Brothers General Manager Alistair Leckie commented:

Following a successful trial integrating Sunswap’s refrigeration units on Gray & Adams’ high-quality trailers, we are eager to take delivery of the new zero-emission fleet. Responsible business is a key part of what we do and we are always looking for innovative solutions that support our business without being at odds with the ecosystem or pumping out greenhouse gases. We believe this collaboration with Sunswap will bring that key combination of environmental and operational benefit.

Sunswap CEO Michael Lowe added:

It’s both exciting and immensely satisfying to partner up with a leading producer and distributor like Samworth Brothers, who firmly recognise the value our battery and solar-powered refrigeration technology. As advocates and pioneers of sustainable cold chain logistics, Samworth’s commitment demonstrates the environmental and commercial benefits available to fleets who are ready to make the transition to cleaner refrigeration on the road.

The partnership represents another major milestone as Sunswap continues enabling cold chain leaders to reduce their climate impact and total cost of ownership. Sunswap looks forward to driving further adoption of their cutting-edge technology across the industry.

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