The new Krone Cool Liner now boasts a wide range of detailed improvements

In keeping with its motto – there is always room for improvement – Krone has overhauled its Cool Liner series of refrigerated trailers and further optimised a number of vehicle details. For example, Krone now offers an optional completely redesigned rebound plate for the Cool Liner. Not only has its stability been improved, but it can now also be easily folded to the side. In addition to the modified selection of materials, this makes it much easier to clean vehicles, which is particularly important when transporting refrigerated goods.

The trailer’s lighting concept has also been completely revised. In the future, Krone will employ a newly developed LED light in series production for the Cool Liner’s internal lighting. This will considerably increase the trailer’s lighting, thus providing essential support for the loading and unloading processes. The Cool Liner’s contour brake lights are fitted during series production at the back on top of the rear frame to significantly improve its road safety. They can be optionally upgraded with contour brake / indicator lamps and / or with flashing side position lamps. The new, optional ambient lighting at the top rear of the vehicle also ensures maximum user-friendliness and safety. The vehicle is much easier to handle during loading and unloading thanks to the extensive lighting system at the rear area behind the vehicle. It can be also be operated independently of the tail lift.

In the future, the Cool Liner’s rear doors will feature a new, optimised door seal. Not only will it improve the tightness of the superstructure but it will also make it easier to open the doors and offer a lower door handle position. In addition, the Cool Liner features the Krone double-deck / lashing rail concept integrated in the superstructure. This has proven itself in the field a thousand times over, not least because it is so incredibly easy to clean (thanks to the open design). The system features both a continuous lashing rail below as well as split lashing rails between the double-deck guide rails, thus ensuring that the cargo is reliably secured at all times.

Flexible multi-temperature equipment
The Cool Liner’s multi-temperature equipment still offers maximum freedom when it comes to designing and handling multiple chamber systems. The overhauled transverse ISOWALL partition has been tested according to ATP standards and can be positioned along the entire length of the vehicle. The innovative balancer technology makes it very easy to open and close. The new installation technology will also provide operators with optimum flexibility when mounting the additional evaporator to meet their customer’s specific needs. Corresponding, space-saving evaporator protection is available on request.

Stability and practicality both on the ramp and at sea
The Cool Liner still employs a rugged, full-length chassis fitted with double-T longitudinal beams and additional diagonal reinforcements at the rear. The chassis absorbs impact energy that occurs on contact with the ramps, thus protecting the superstructure. The new rear ram protection concept also adds to the superstructure protection. In the future, customers will be able to choose from an extensive modular system to optimise the ram protection system for their specific requirements. In addition to a variety of robust rubber buffers, shock-absorbing roll-compression buffers are also available. If necessary, the vehicle can also be retrofitted with individual modifications to the ram protection equipment without having to adapt the chassis. The ram protection system can also be equipped with an optional rear area monitoring system with integrated, automatic vehicle braking. The equipment package is rounded off by optional screwed ferry rings.

Standard telematics
Krone fits all Cool Liner series refrigerated vehicles with Krone Telematics KSC ProPlus Cool as standard. The system offers monitoring of the location, door, operating data, cooling temperature, refrigeration machine, coupling status and error messages from the brake system. In addition, Krone Telematics KSC ProPlus Cool handles the entire document management via WLAN. For example, this means that both the dispatcher and the driver can connect to the Krone Telematics Box via WLAN and retrieve desired data. On request, the Krone Telematics is also available with a two-way function and/or integrated Krone temperature recorder. It can also be combined with the Krone Smart Tyre Monitoring system and the capacitive tank sensor of the diesel tank as required.

The perfect choice for various transport situations
The Cool Liner offers flexible and optimum customisation options for every transport task with its comprehensive range of additional equipment. The electronic air suspension, for example, significantly speeds up and simplifies loading and unloading on the ramp. The level control, which can optionally be operated from the superstructure, for example, ensures that the trailer floor and ramp are kept at the same height, regardless of the current loading or unloading situation, or the additional weight of any forklift trucks entering the vehicle.

The Krone DWC (Dynamic Wheel Base Control) system is also an extremely valuable feature. DWC technology makes it possible to automatically reduce the wheelbase when cornering by reducing the load on the third axle of the semitrailer, thus optimising turning performance. In addition, this feature significantly reduces the trailer’s drawbar load and thus its drive axle load – ensuring optimum load distribution during partial loading or unloading.

Conclusion: The new Cool Liner 2020 is chock full of detailed improvements that make everyday transport easier and safer. Thanks to the standard Krone telematics equipment, the dispatcher always has reliable access to the Cool Liner, even at great distances. It can also be seamlessly integrated into a modern fleet management system. Finally, the comprehensive range of optional features allows the refrigerated trailer to be precisely customised for a wide variety of transport tasks, making the Cool Liner a true all-rounder.

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