TIP to provide customers ‘Insight’ with new range of telematics-based services.

TIP Trailer Services, market leading equipment services provider, is delighted to announce the launch of their new range of telematics-based digital and connected services, under the name of ‘TIP Insight’.

Telematics has long since been a part of the transport industry and has proved crucial in keeping track of trailers and other assets, ensuring their safety and that of their cargo. However, new technologies have helped to drive customer expectations and TIP Insight takes the use of telematics a step further by collecting robust data about a trailer’s performance to provide operational efficiencies for those customers. In other words, TIP Insight enables transport operators and logistics providers to benefit from services that not only manage the whereabouts of their trailers but from functionality that reports on a trailer’s ‘health’, such as brake performance, tyre-pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring, door security and much more.

The innovative move to ‘digitise’ fleets enables TIP and their customers to gain insights into the activity and health of assets for a more efficient, safer and more transparent transportation eco-system. To support the initiative, TIP has put in place a TIP Insight business unit which will enable the transition of customers’ fleets towards accessing the advanced telematics-based range of services, with both pre and post-sales support in each of the countries it is offered in.

“Connecting our fleet, and those of our customers, with a range of telematics and offering connected services gives us the opportunity to implement a platform suited to all asset types and brands that will enable new data and analytics services which will further enhance our value offering to the market” – Bob Fast, CEO of TIP Trailer Services.

The platform, FleetConnected, provides customers with an intuitive, user-friendly interface offering real-time visibility of their assets, analytical tools and generally helps optimise efforts to manage their fleet effectively. Functionality at the platform ranges from simple ‘track and trace’ with geo-fencing capability to on-screen performance-related alerts concerning anything from the performance of the braking system and the opening of rear doors, to the pressure of the tyres and the temperature of a refrigeration unit. The functionality offered, which also includes a suite of customisable reporting tools to assist in the remote management of a fleet, all helps ensure assets operate efficiently and safely.

TIP Insight has been developed to make fleets more competitive by providing users real-time visibility, advanced knowledge, and data-based evaluation to drive smarter decisions in the management of fleets.

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