Truck Craft Bodies To Exhibit At The TCS&D 2019 Exhibition & Conference.

Following on their previous article in TCS&D magazine, Truck Craft Bodies are delighted to tell our readers of a number of new developments with their product.

Their partner Trailar, who provide the solar technology for their low entry fridge body won the most innovative product of the year award at the FTA Awards in December 2018, which, they say, gives a lot of credibility to the technology of their product.

With the Ultra-low emissions zone being introduced in London in April 2019, Truck Craft Bodies think their low entry fridge with the solar technology could be beneficial to companies as the vehicle reduces Co2 emissions as well as providing fuel savings.

Truck Craft Bodies say they have currently a vehicle on the road which has been fitted with sensors to gather data on fuel savings and reduced emissions and they will be in a position to report these figures in the next month or so.

They are currently building the vehicle that will be exhibited at the TCS&D 2019 Show in June and also at the CV Show in April.

Their vehicle is mainly aimed at food and pharmaceutical transportation companies. The bodywork can be either a fridge or a freezer and they are currently developing an insulated bulkhead which will enable the body to be a freezer at the front end and a chiller at the rear.

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