Welsh food distributor installs Rack Collapse Prevention’s warehouse safety racking system

Supporting from the top rather than reinforcing from the bottom, meaning in the event of a collision the structure remains standing, protecting both staff and stock, Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler is the latest in a long line of businesses installing Rack Collapse Prevention’s (RCP) unique racking safety support system.

Installed at its Cross Hands site in Carmarthenshire, Castell Howell is Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler, servicing the length and breadth of Wales, the Border Counties and the South West of England.

Highly durable RCP’s Rhino safety support system has been fitted in Castell’s ambient warehouse which accommodates racks of some 9 meters in height and 14 meters by 30 meters in length.

RCP’s safety system uses wire ropes suspended from the building’s steel structure and in the event of a building’s structure not being suitable, then a secondary steel structure can be installed to form a support for the suspension ropes, with the system not affecting structure integrity as any compromised rack-load is not transferred.

RCP Company Founder Craig Attwell commented: “With any form of pallet racking, particularly above 6 meters, there is an increased risk of racking failure, typically caused by forklift operator error or incorrect pallet stacking.

“A damaged leg, whilst under load, will experience considerable downward pressure, forcing the racking leg to buckle and losing the structure’s ability to withstand its intended load capacity, ultimately causing the rack to collapse, and potentially causing a domino effect on any other racking attached to it or in close proximity.”

UK and European patented and designed to provide safer working environments for warehouse professionals, RCP’s system has been installed in numerous ambient, chilled and frozen warehouses and storage facilities in the UK, Ireland and Europe and can be installed anywhere pallet racking is used.

Castell Howell Director Matt Lewis commented: “Having heard about RCP’s safety system and looking for a solution that would further reduce risk, having seen many racking collapse incidents on social media, and already having rack leg protection, this system offered total peace of mind.

“I would highly recommend Craig and his team, you can tell they have worked in warehousing environments for a long time, and that they understand that downtime needs to be minimal and flexible around workflow. We are very pleased, and the installation was completed on time and caused minimal disruption to our daily routine.”

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